terça-feira, novembro 22, 2005

Life as a house!

( trailer Life as a house)
If life changed in an instant
would you be ready for it?

Um ritmo genial e um argumento apaixonante. Dois ingredientes que se juntam numa história sobre a reconstrução de uma vida. A coragem de fazer tudo aquilo de que muitas vezes temos medo, o ultrapassar de medos para conseguir viver uma vida CHEIA! Para fazer da vida uma CELEBRAÇÃO...fica a sugestão para uma noite bem passada. A primeira de muitas crónicas cinematográficas que a esta se seguirão..
Obrigado Xica por uma descoberta tão bonita!

"It´s about a man who gives many people the fearlessness to give up their anger and do something out of love. A man at the end of his rope who finally finds the courage to boldly go after the one dream he's never had a chance to fulfill and who becomes a catalyst for all kinds of changes in the people around him".
(Irwin Winkler - Film Director)
"George thinks Robin has sold out and is living this meaningless life of luxury and doesn't have no ideals anymore, while Robin thinks George has only ideals and no guts to follow through on them. When George decides to actually build the house, that blows her away. He's actually living the life they both once dreamed of. It's a sort of a push to get out there and do all the thingd you've always wanted to do and say the things you've always wanted do say".
( Kristin Thomas, who plays Robin)

Um bonito diálogo...

Robin - Nothing is going on with us, is it?
George - Going on?
Robin - When i picked you up from the train, wht you said, what was that?
George - What did i say?
Robin - You know...
George - What?
Robin - The thing about me being the most beautiful person, what was that?
George - That's the truth!
Robin - You've never said that before.
George - I now say a lot of things i never said before.
Robin - That sound like a pick-up line.
George - I can't pick you up.
Robin - Because i'm married.
George - You bit my finger.
Robin - If i weren't married?
George - Should we do this?
Robin - I need to know.
George - What? Do i still love you? Absolutely. There's not a doubt in my mind, that with all my anger...my ego, i was always faithfull in my love for you. That i made you doubt it, that's the great mistake of my life full of mistakes. But the truth doesn't set us free. I can tell you i love you as many times as you can stand hear it. And all that does, to you and me, is remind us that love is not enough. Not even close.